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Issue 10

Issue 10

  • Period: 2013 - January
  • Volume: 5


  Mesut MEZKIT


Turkeys Future Horizon: Conservative Change


It's only possible to take secure steps in to the future by making use of past experiences. Those who dedicated themselves in the construction of future always gave importance to "conservation". Those who struggle to make present and future just like the past are people who try to carry past directly into the future. Here, dilemma between rootlessness and passion of past is clearly seen. However, every soci-ety has a moral of conservation that should be used in proper time and place. So, balance between this incompleted change and conservation has always been matter of ideal and po-litical disagreements. The only thing constant is change, and some values may be sacrificed in this way and this situation also caused objections to this issue. Thinking these two terms together also caused -let's not say disappointingly- altered conservation and change. In fact some doesn't have to destroy and demolish in order to change and some can't be conservative by disregarding the "fact", hence we have to unearth the treasures of past to set balance between these terms. We should built future along with the experience of past but in a unique way. That's why we wrote about "Conservative Change".

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  Conservative Change, Conservation, Change, Past, Present, Future, Tradition, Traditionalism, Contemporary, Modernism, Modern


  Abdullah USLU


The Measurement Of Ankara Province Inter-City Terminal Management Service Quality By Means Of Servperf Method


The aim of this study is to determine the customers’ perceptions of the service quality on Inter-City Terminal Management of Ankara Province. Therefore, service quality measurement models will be measured by means of SERVPERF method. For this purpose, a questionnaire was conducted to 404 customers and the data obtained were analyzed by SPSS 15.00 package program. In this research, first of all, service quality factors were determined according to assess the customers’ perceptions of the ser-vice quality on AŞTI. These factors were determined as ‘Confidence and Willingness’, ‘Physical properties’, ‘Proficiency’ and ‘Accessability’. Frequency and descriptive statistics, ANOVA and “t”test were used. The choice of customers on highway results from low price and confidence. Significant differences are present within the factors affecting variants and service quality according to differences in view of sex and age groups.

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  Service, Service Quality, SERVPERF, Transport Sector, Terminals


  Imran GUR


An Indigenous Offer Of The Turcs For The Time’s Area Problem And The Description Of The Area Of The Alternative Assets In The Ibrahim Prophetess And The Deli Dumrul Stories


The Turks are the inventors of a model of the universe that interfere in the functioning of the Earth but does not interfere in human. The form of the Turkish civilization that had been gathered around of all the other elements and the Turks most ancient way of the life was the “Customs” which was symbolized the concept of this proposal and as one of the most important issues of the postmodern li-fe, is "The area problem" that had been analyzed from the perspective of the original Turkish thinking. On the basis of this perspective, there are the public laws that had been called as the "Law" or the "Customs" that was regulating the relations between the people. The commencing from the relations of the governing and the managed is based on the order of justice and the full equality and the continuation of the "Law" and the "Customs" ethics are being the active factors and to identify the relations between the people and on the implementation to reject the tolerance. The "Law" and the "Customs" are the clear indication of the functional ethics of the Turks and was born in their own faith and from the life model of their relationship between the human. In the civilizations of other than the Turks, which means that to intervene in the human’s own nature and again, in all of these civilizations essentially had created the idea of the self-ethics class, which offers to exclude it from the public laws, thus the definition of encompasses only with the Ibrahim’s area definition in the history. The self-ethics is to open the man’s “self assets area" to the public laws, in a particular belief or in a system of thoughts on the public sphere personality and over on the concrete existence of the human and is a public law model of the definition of the created. In the history and even at the present, the provisions of justice is not making it possible to create the idea of the class balance equation by this model of the public laws and it emerges in almost of all the civilizations other than the Turks. The Deli Dumrul story, which had been existed in the Dede Korkut Stories proves that the Turkish civilization and the history is a model to the other civilizations of the universe on the separation of the functional ethics and the self-ethics. The another example in the history is laying down in the definition of the story of the Deli Dumrul's search of his self-area is encompasses with the quest of the Ibrahim’s self-area search. By the definitions of the functional area and the self-area in the Deli Dumrul and in the stories of Ibrahim is laid down in the original format of the problem of the human being's assets area, along the history of mankind of which is in continuing upto the date besides the common practices.

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  Self-ethics, functional-ethics, assets area problems, Deli Dumrul, Ibrahim




Image Perception of the Tourists Who Visited Turkey and Solution Suggestions for Negative Perceptions


It is possible to define the concept of image as the perception of an object, a corporation, an institution or a person. Whether it has orientated consciously or it has developed instinctively, every people, object or corporation has an image which has perceived by its environment. As well as the objects and corpora-tions, countries have also image that they reflected to other countries. Image of a country consist of sev-eral things such as its social, political, cultural, economic, geopolitical characteristics. These fac-tors/characteristics ensure for tourists to shape their image perception. This possessed country image perception has also an important effect on shaping of attitudes against this country. Today countries have the necessity of managing the image like companies and corporations. Correct management of the image can solely be possible with the correct evaluation of existing image. This survey carried out on 1977 tourists who have visited Antalya, İstanbul, Muðla and Cappadocia regions for holiday purposes. Main purpose of the study is to determine the country image perceived by tourists. For this purpose, a questionnaire consisted 38 questions has applied on participants and as a result of survey Turkish peo-ple and Turkey perception of participants has been determined. In conclusion part of the study several solution suggestions have presented related with the determined negativities about the country image.

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  Image, country image, Image perceptions of tourists about Turkey


  Rabia CAKI



We are here with 10th issue of our journal which contains lots of topic about social sciences and in which we strive to make an important heritage for next generations. We experience the same enthusiasm in our every new issue just as it is our first issue and we also work hard to place our journal among the abroad indexes. We are also glad to hear that our magazine is wanted by publishers and universities libraries. After this issue, we are going to publish our journal in two languages, Turkish and English; that we used to publish in three languages, Turkish, English and German. In this issue, with Turkey's Future Horizon: Conservative Change, The Measurement of Ankara Province Inter-city terminal Management Service Quality by Means of Servperf Method, An Indigenous Offer of The Turcs for The Time's Area Problem and The Description of The Area of The Alternative Assets in The İbrahim Prophetess and The Deli Dumrul Stories, Image Perception of the Tourists Who Visited Turkey and Solution Suggestions for Negative Perceptions articles here we introduced the articles of our deserving authors.

We want to remind that articles we publish in our journal have not been published in anywhere before and these articles are evaluated according to arrival order to our center. We give our special thanks to; Our Publishing Committee members, altruistic referees who always support us morally, our members of board of foreign languages, dear researchers who send their articles, and technical staff who publish our journal. Hope to meet in our 11thissue again...