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Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

1.The Journal of Yeni Fikir is an international refereed journal that publishes in two languages (Turkish and English) in the field of social sciences.
2.All publishing rights of the Journal of Yeni Fikir belong to the Journal of Yeni Fikir.
3.The contents approved by the editorial board of the Journal of Yeni Fikir are published on www.yenifikirdergisi.com and https://dergipark.org.tr/tr/pub/yenifikirjournal.
4.The Journal of Yeni Fikir is also published in print.
5.Studies submitted to the Journal of Yeni Fikir to be published are sent to at least two referees (to the evaluator) if they are found appropriate by going through a double-blind refereeing process. The double-blind refereeing process is based on examining the identities of the author (s) and referees in a way that is done in disguise from each other.
6.Submitting the articles to the Journal of Yeni Fikir by filling the application form means an application for the publication and all rights of the articles are deemed to have been transferred to the Journal.
7.In order for articles to be published, they must not have been previously published in another publication or accepted for publication. In order for the studies previously presented as a paper to be accepted into the evaluation process; It should be stated in the article that the study was presented as a paper before and that it was expanded-revised.
8.The Journal of Yeni Fikir is published at least twice a year. Apart from the 2 issues issued, it can be published as a special issue.
9.Authors' Turnitin, IThenticate, etc. They must create the similarity (plagiarism) report from the platforms and add it to the application form. Articles with a similarity rate of over 20% are rejected without initiating the referee process.
10.Authors are required to sign and send the "Copyright Form", which includes the statement that the article submitted for publication has not been published in another publication or has not been accepted for publication.
11.The translation and review obligations and the obligations of the articles to be sent to the arbitration committee belong to the author.
12.Articles can be published in languages other than Turkish and English, upon request of the authors. (Such as Russian-French-Arabic-Spanish-Italian etc.) Discreet comments, opinions, discussions will be included in addition to academic articles.
13.The responsibility of the articles belongs to the authors and the responsibility of the advertisements belongs to the advertisers.
14.Quotations can be made by indicating the name of the journal and the author.
15.The positive or negative opinions of the referees regarding academic studies are notified to the author of the study; necessary corrections may be requested.
16.Correction etc. of the works sent to the Journal of Yeni Fikir. Reply by the author with the purpose is 15 days. Studies that are not answered within this time are excluded from the scope.
17.In the studies with polemic subject to be published in the Journal of Yeni Fikir, the right to reply at most 2 times is given.