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Issue 32

Issue 32

  • Period: 2024 -
  • Volume: 16


  Isa Celik


Spatial Distribution of Ancient City Site Areas and Cultural Tourism Potential in the Great Meander Basin

The Grand Menderes basin is an important region not only in terms of agriculture and other economic activities, but also in terms of tourism.

In this study, the spatial distribution of the ruins in the basin was made. By mapping the archaeological sites, the cultural tourism potential of the region has been tried to be clearly revealed in a geographical perspective. Our aim in this study is to contribute to the cultural tourism of the basin and the country.

  1 - 26

  Keywords: Cultural tourism, geography, historical site, spatial distribution.


  Isa Celik


Culture-Based Tourism Types in the Great Meander Basin

Thegeneral name of culture-based tourism is Cultural Tourism. In order to revealthe potential of cultural tourism, it is necessary to examine culture-basedtourism types. It covers culture-based tourism types (faith tourism, music,festivals, gastronomy, etc.).

In thisstudy, culture-based tourism types are classified as archaeological tourism,historical tourism, and religious tourism. In this study, the important ancientcities in ruin tourism, the ruin tourism potential of the basin and ruintourism tour lines are emphasized. An attempt has been made to reveal the historicaltourism and religious tourism of Havza.

  27 - 64

  Keywords: Tourism, Culture, History, Ancient City, Geography.


  Mesut Mezkit


The First Autopsy Studies on Medicine and Cadaver in Islamic Civilization

To evaluate the past with the possibilities of the century we live in is to kill historical evolution. While the difference is clearly evident when looking at the events in the 20th century, taking into account the developments in the first quarter of the 21st century; to be very careful when talking about a time period of fourteen centuries ago; It is under the responsibility of science. In this sense, the states representing the Imperialist Western Civilization, to which we turn our faces and which we see as equivalent to our existence, have established a scientific discipline for the purpose of colonization under the name of Orientalism or Orientalism; They also dressed it in the dress of knowledge. Essentially, this situation is a definition that ensures the continuity of the scientific colonial order. It is the scientific description of the bigoted attitudes and evil deeds of the Crusades, which continued for centuries. Currently, orientalism, or globalization as it is currently called, continues to show its power in a very active position. This situation is worrying. Especially in the last two centuries, as a result of the political decline of the Islamic Civilization in the face of Western Capitalism, the export of the understanding of Modern Civilization from the west to the east has also manifested itself in science. Orientalism has been so influential in the Islamic geography that it is still possible to see its effects in the 21st century. According to the Western mentality, the geography to the east of the borders drawn by it is described as the East. With this artificial classification, Easterners were equated with being created in the wrong place. According to this mental structure, Easterners; However, if they adopt and integrate the values of the West, they will be accepted like "them". This acceptance will be within the limits determined by orientalism.

As a matter of fact, the idea that the Islamic Religion is against science was taught to the world by orientalists; This is the incorrigible Muslim who keeps to himself, sees others as giants! caused the perception to occur. To Muslims in the Islamic Civilization Basin; “if he succeeds; The yellow race succeeds” subliminal hypnosis was constantly injected; Thus, the ground was prepared for the emergence of an idea that had no history even in medical studies, one of the fields in which Muslims were successful.

  65 - 83

  Keywords: Medicine in Islamic Civilization, Cadaver, Autopsy. Orientalism, Ottoman, Turkish,