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Issue 5

Issue 5

  • Period: 2010 - August
  • Volume: 2


  Suleyman Faruk GONCUOGLU


Editors's Note

Publishing a magazine in Turkey, ifit's especially a review causes much more diffculties. To produce a good issue, the articles must be in a certain level. The diffculties in selection articles, the refree commission's examination and our sensation in translation make our work more dijfcult. In order to be permanent, it also needs some certain criteria.

According to refree reports, that the articles could not be published, refused and reasons should be explained to the writer needs extra effort. And, although all these things prevent us publishing a high-class article, reaching the idea in Kafmountain, giving up the hopeofconjugal reunionis togivein to thefearclimate. That is, giving up the idealfuturemeans denyinghimself. Sinceweknow that eliminating all the obstacles will cause the signs ofoccuring new ones, it shouldn't be doubted that we will be in the excitement of standing uprightforever. When we are pessimistic, we willfollow the light ofbeing hopeful, carry itfurther, and create the lights of hopes in minds. Despite everything, we will alwaysgo on lookingforfuturehopefully.

Ourvaluable writers will be with you in this issue, too. We are sure that academic articles and reviews will enlighten you.

Mustafa Güneş- The Word Of Our Yûnus, Ayşin Satan-Analysis OfRelationship Between GenderAnd School TypeAnd Bullying Behaviors OfPrimaryschool Secondary Grade Students, Immanuel Wallerstein- What is the Cold War in Asia ? An Interpretatıve Essay-I-, Mesut MEZKİT - Mehmet ÂkifErsoy'un İslâmcılık Fikri Ve Üstadları, James Petras- The USA And CHINA:One Side is Losing, The Other is Winning!, Eric Walberg- Uighur against to Afghan: A Study among the Contrasts.


  Mustafa GUNES


The Words of Our Yûnus


Word is accepted as the most valuable entity in our culture and literatüre. Life can be best explained with beautiful words. For this, word holds an extensive place in Kutadgu Bilig, one ofour relics ofIslamic era. The word o f Yunus, in terms ofutterance, meaning and harmony, is perfect. What makes his words effective is alongside with his smooth saying and pleasant expression, his manners constucted upon the morality o f the Koran. The word should be carried out by the teller firstly so that it can be effective. Hence, the ones who say they don 't, are notwelcomed in the Koran. While searching the effect o f the word, the followingfour elements should especially be considered. By whom, to whom, why and in which manner a wordis said? Once analyzedfrom those aspects, we see that Yunus's words are not after afashion. It can be said that his lucid words (hispoems), exceeding ages, are inspired by spirit universe. Besides, thepoetry, in its general meaning, is giving the word the best shape. Therefore, elapsing o f the time does not age, devalue or ruin the beauty o f his words, on the contrary, increase its value. A word's such resistance against the time is expressed with the wordy “classical" In that way, Yunus takes his place among the Turkish Literature's immortal classics. The Turkish Language, which is convenientfor expressing so many things with few words, lays the groundworkfor Yunus's effective and vivid expression and contributed to his words. One o f the reasons o f Yunus's words' being carried over from generation to generation with great loyalty fo r seven centuries is that the Turkish Language's intuitive property is reflected on the poetry. In our statement, Yunus's words will be handled in the light o f his verses (poems) in his collectedpoems (divan).

  8 - 26

  Word, The Value of Word, The Wordin Yunus Emre


  Aysin SATAN


Analysis of Relation Between Bullying Behaviours and Gender and School Variety of Students At Secondary Schools


Aim of this research is to reveal how 6th 7th and 8th degree students are exposed to bully behaviors, how and how often and where these bullying behaviors happen and how these behaviors are evaluated by students, teachers and management. For this reason Coequal bully behaviors Survey is applied. Results o f this survey is evaluated by using frequency and percentage system. Two hundred eighty eight girls and two hundred eight boys participated in this survey. Three hundred twenty one of these students attend official secondary schools while one hundred seventyfive of these attend private schools. According to analysis % 63.3 o f these students are exposed to bully behaviors. According togender, %52.2 offemale students and % 42.8 of male students are exposed to bully behaviors.

  27 - 50

  Bully behaviors at school, victim, despot.


  Immanuel Wallerstein


What Cold War In Asia? An Interpretative Essay -I


The phrase "the Cold War" refers to a narrative that was intended to and is supposed to summarize how we are to understand a geopolitical reality over the period of time running approximately from 1945 to 1991. This narrative is today very widely accepted. It originated with political leaders. It was adopted by scholars. And it was intended to infi uence the thinking of everyone else. It has been the dominant narrative, although there have been some dissenters. In this essay I would like to review this narrative and what it is supposed to tell us. It tells us that the Second World War was a war that was started by Germany and Japan as aggressor na-tions that sought to conquer other nations. They did fairly well at fi rst, but then resistance to them grew stronger. In 1941, both the Soviet Union and the United States entered the war against Germany, and the coalition took on the name of the United Nations. The three countries in this alliance that were most signifi cant militarily were the United States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union. They were called the "Big Three," and together they won the SecondWorldWar.

  51 - 59


  Mesut MEZKIT


Islam Ideas of Mehmet Akif and His Masters


In this article the view point of our national poet Mehmet Akif Ersoy will be discussed. Especially the reasons why the Islamic world couldnt catch up with the West will be dwelled upon. Relationships between Mehmet Akif Ersoy who enlightens how to compete with west and the lastperiod intelligentsia who effect the idea o f Islam will be mentioned. Mehmet Akif Ersoy who had a reformistic idea and the idea how to deal with west and as the west ifit is possible to develope in science in the Islamic geography will be discussed.

  60 - 67


  James Petras


The US And China One Side Is Losing, The Other Is Winning


Asian capitalism, notably China and South Korea are competing with the US for global power. Asian global power is driven by dynamic economic growth, while the US pursues a strategy of military-driven empire building.

  68 - 72


  Eric Walberg


Uygur vs Afghan: A Study In Contrasts


Last week's** riots in Urumqi, resulting in 180 deaths, recall similar protests in Tibet last year, though only 19 people were killed there. Both Uighur and Tibetan exiles demonstrated during the Chinese Olympics, to little effect. Both regions, remote from the heart of Han China, were taken over under the communists, and are important strategically and as storehouses of mineral wealth to feed the new capitalist China's voracious appetite. They remind us that old-fashion colonialism is alive and well. Neither the Uighurs nor the Tibetans have any hope of independence, but they rightly would like the Han to be less greedy and invasive.

  73 - 77